If you thought LinkedIn was just about networking you would be dead wrong. LinkedIn ads have the power to deliver impactful results for any digital marketing campaign.


As a LinkedIn marketing agency, we’ve got the skills to level up your next LinkedIn ad campaign. Our expert team will drive traffic, find new leads, and accelerate brand awareness and potential sales. So when you think of your next LinkedIn Marketing campaign, think SOUP!


Comprehensive Set Up

When you team up with SOUP, you unlock a comprehensive LinkedIn campaign setup & execution. That way you can rest assured that your next LinkedIn marketing campaign is set for success!

Ongoing Optimisation

Throughout your LinkedIn marketing campaign, we’ll analyse and identify new industry trends and rich insights, that way we can evolve and implement the best practices to stay ahead of your competitors. This ensures your LinkedIn ads are seen at the right time, by the right people!


Transparent Reporting

We are committed to providing our clients with a transparent report. We generate reports that look at your data holistically, diving into the intricacies of your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

The data in these reports are continuously updated in order to gain insights and respond accordingly. In addition, your reports are easily available, that way you can see the success of your LinkedIn Ad campaign.

Always Be Testing

Our LinkedIn Ads Specialists will run experiments and A/B tests to understand what is effective and what is a waste of time. This includes testing new audiences, engaging creatives, and campaign strategy.

By doing this, we ensure your next LinkedIn marketing campaign is at its most effective state. Meaning an increase in engagement, sale conversions, and minimisation of risk.



As marketers ourselves, we know the power of a good testimonial. Luckily, we have a lot of satisfied customers willing to share their experience with our agency. Scroll down to find out how we were able to more than deliver on our clients’ expectations.


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LinkedIn Ads FAQs

LinkedIn advertising is a marketing system that is specially designed for the LinkedIn social media site. This tool enables you to create and market over 700 million individuals and business professionals that use their platform. With the right experts, your business has the potential to skyrocket and tap into a wide range of ad solutions like retargeting, conversion tracking, and lead generation.

That’s why we have you covered! Our team of LinkedIn specialists implements effective LinkedIn marketing strategies to get the results you want!

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LinkedIn marketing campaigns are significantly beneficial, offering a range of ways for businesses to reach their objectives. In particular, LinkedIn Ads generate high-value leads for both B2B, B2C, and professional services.

Studies have showcased that for B2B and B2C LinkedIn, marketing catalysed 3x more conversion rates. In addition, Linkedin marketing campaigns are 28% cheaper than other digital marketing methods.

When given the right expertise, your LinkedIn campaign can significantly accelerate your brand awareness, engagement, leads, and sales.

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Choosing Linkedin advertising is a great step forward to unlock potential sales and results. But starting out is hard when you have no idea how much you should budget for your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Deciding on the cost is ultimately dependent on your business marketing goals as this determines the best ad and campaign duration for you.

However, when budgeting keeps in mind the minimum spending criteria for LinkedIn ads. They are as follows;

  • $10 daily budget per campaign
  • $10 total budget per campaign (an optional feature for Sponsored Content)
  • $2 bid for CPC or CPM on text ad campaigns
Taking on a paid LinkedIn advertising campaign may lead your business to high results. But like other digital marketing methods, there are many mistakes an inexperienced business owner can make, leading you to waste more money and time. That’s why LinkedIn marketing agencies, like SOUP, are here to help! By working together, we’ll create a powerful digital strategy that suits your business needs and objectives. We also offer a variety of services like PPC advertising, SEO & CRO, and social media marketing strategies from our Australian award-winning team! Get started today with your FREE audit!

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