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SOUP launched in 2019 and has experienced exponential growth thanks to our many successful campaigns and strategies on a diverse range of industries. On Facebook, we harness the power of video, images and lead ads to create high-quality content that captures viewers’ attention as they scroll. Our talented in-house content creators specialise in designing ads tailored to your unique goals and objectives.

Partner with us and reap the benefits of a full-service, creative marketing agency. We’ll work with you to ensure your brand vision shines through in every ad we create.


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How SOUP Helped KIS ACADEMICS Grow with Facebook Ads.


KIS Academics does online tutoring in Australia for year 5-12s and our goal was to drive lead acquisition for private and online tutoring. As a result, this lead generation campaign used META instant forms and successfully drove over 190 leads with a CPL of $15 over 2 months, decreasing the CPL by 66%.

-66% reduced CPL month-on-month
190+ leads in 2 months with a CPL of $15
Service META Ads​
KIS Academy Facebook ads case study

Our Four-Step Process
for Facebook Advertising

At Soup, we take a rigorous approach to Facebook advertising for our clients, ensuring that the platform’s capabilities are used to its full advantage. As Facebook ads agency specialists, here are our four steps to successful advertising on Facebook:

Step 1: Audience Research and Segmentation

Without a deep understanding of your target audience, your campaign can be easily wasted on the wrong customers. That is why we conduct a thorough review of your target audience by leveraging Facebook’s data analytics tools to uncover customer trends like demographics, behaviours, interests and shopping habits. The in-depth analysis of your potential customers provides the foundation by which we create highly personalised and targeted campaign creatives that would deeply resonate with our sought-after audience.

Step 2: Creative Strategy and Ad Design

Armed with insights from our extensive audience research, we shift our focus to crafting a creative strategy that captures and holds attention. Utilising the rich demographic and behavioural data we've obtained, our team will design highly engaging and visually appealing ad creatives tailored to the unique preferences and interests of your target audience. This approach ensures that every ad not only looks stunning, but also speaks directly to the hearts and minds of potential customers, enhancing the likelihood of conversion and maximising campaign effectiveness.

Step 3: A/B Testing

Throughout the duration of the campaign, our team of experts will continuously conduct A/B testing and iterative improvements to optimise the best-performing ad variations, ensuring what resonates best with your audience is optimised for maximum impact and reach. Our team takes a proactive approach, backed by data-driven insights to align results with your business goals. By continually adjusting creatives in line with what's best performing amongst your audiences, we ensure budgets are effectively allocated and key messages communicated with your target audience.

Step 4: Performance Analysis and Reporting

Post-campaign data collection and analysis are vital for understanding the impact your ad campaigns have had on your target audience. Through conducting an in-depth analysis of your campaign performance, our team of experts provide clear and concise actionable insights and recommendations for further campaign optimisation. SOUP prides itself on offering transparent and in-depth support for our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions in line with their overall business goals and objectives.

Why Should You Choose SOUP as Your
Facebook Ads SpecialistS?

Extensive Experience

Our team of digital marketing experts has spent years managing a diverse portfolio across various industries with the overarching goal of growth and client satisfaction. We have successfully adapted strategies and campaigns to deliver consistent results in the ever-changing digital landscape. Our track record speaks for itself with our ability to drive engagement, lead generation, conversions and growth for our clients, with every campaign showcasing our ability to leverage Facebook Ads to deliver consistent results as a Facebook ads agency.

Innovative Approach

As a Facebook ads agency, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic and forward-thinking approach to advertising on Facebook. Our team thrives on continually adapting to emerging trends and consumer behaviours, ensuring that we are well-versed in the latest technologies to effectively capture our target audiences’ attention. This allows us to stay ahead of the competition and create content that resonates with potential customers.

Cutting-edge Tools & Platforms

Choose Soup as your Facebook Ads specialists to leverage the latest in digital advertising technology. Our team makes use of cutting-edge tools and platforms that enable precise targeting and optimisation, ensuring that your ads reach the right audience at the right time. This technological advantage allows us to analyse data more effectively, refine strategies quickly, and achieve superior campaign performance. We continuously invest in the newest innovations and training, keeping your campaigns at the forefront of digital marketing trends.

Tailored Facebook Ads Campaigns

As a team of digital marketing industry experts, we understand that one size does not fit all. Whether you are a small business or a large organisation, we offer a personalised approach to every campaign, ensuring that the campaign strategies we propose align with our client’s unique goals, audiences and challenges.Whether it is adjusting audience parameters, refining ad creatives or optimising creatives through A/B testing, our custom approach ensures that every Facebook Ad campaign is meticulously designed to deliver maximum impact.

Facebook Ads FAQs

Facebook and Instagram are part of the connected Metaverse, meaning you can advertise on both platforms with one budget. Meta will allocate the budget to whichever platform is performing the best and you can choose which network to show and where, or opt out on a certain platform or placements. Get in touch with our paid social specialists today and we will provide you with a clear creative direction and insights to grow your brand.

Often thought of as simply a brand-awareness platform, Facebook actually delivers on sales. As a specialised Facebook ads agency, Soup creates a full-funnel marketing strategy that will drive customers from inspiration, consideration all the way through to action. In fact, learn how we helped one client achieve a ROAS of 15 on Facebook through tailored creative execution, brand engagement campaigns and Facebook’s shopping ads.

Facebook is not only great for driving sales and return on investment for ecommerce businesses, it can also do wonders for your company whose goal is to maximise lead generation efforts. Soup utilises lead form ads, Facebook’s master tool for capturing leads. Lead form ads look exactly the same to your standard in-feed ads with the addition of an instant form. An instant form is exactly what it sounds like – it’s instant. When someone clicks on a lead ad, they are presented with a form that’s pre-populated with information from their Facebook profile. Customers can fill in their information and answer qualifying questions in a few easy taps. With a native integration to the most popular CRM platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, Klaviyo and ActiveCampaign, Facebook sends the collected customer data straight to your CRM system. Don’t fear if your business doesn’t have a CRM in place, leads can also be sent directly to an email or spreadsheet. Lead ads can be customised to achieve objectives such as appointment bookings, event registrations, ebook subscriptions etc. The options are endless.
Yes! While LinkedIn ads might seem like the more obvious option for B2B businesses, we’ve found Facebook to be a cost effective option. Facebook lead ads are a cost-effective and easy way of gaining leads with tools to connect to CRM (customer relationship management) platforms and gather information on potential clients. Not only that, but Facebook also offers engagement, brand awareness, reach campaign objectives to get your brand name in the open. Plus, with Facebook Ads Manager, results are easy to track and measure. Paid social channels can be a great opportunity for B2B businesses. Speak to one of our paid social specialists to find the perfect paid social platform for you.

Where you advertise, and which channel you decide to go forward with depends from business to business. We are a leading social media marketing agency in Sydney, speak to our specialists and we will take your targets, goals and budgets into account to decide if Facebook ads are right for you.

For Facebook ads, you’d need to provide us with HD assets of your logo, a brand guide if there is one. You have the option to either create content in-house, or the Soup team can help with producing assets optimal for Facebook ad placements alongside ad best practices. Get in touch with SOUP today, our social media marketing agency in Sydney is here to help.

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