Why You Need Landing Pages and One Genius Hack

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

So, you’ve budgeted, designed and set live your latest ad campaign, and now you just wait for the big bucks to roll in, right? Unfortunately, the work doesn’t stop there. The last thing you would want is for a customer to click on the ad, land on your home page and click off because they don’t exactly know what they’re searching for.

That is why we are here.

At SOUP, we specialise in turning your brand’s vision into an immersive online experience that not only captures the essence of your business but also engages visitors from the very first click. Whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a service, or simply aiming to captivate your audience, our web design service is tailored to your business needs.

Why Landing Pages?

Landing pages help solve choice overload. While you might have perfected your home page, they’re not the best when it comes to CTAs (Call-to-Action). Suppose you’ve made an ad about your latest product, or offered a special discount code. When someone clicks on that ad, you want to direct them to where they can buy the product directly, or to a page where they can claim their offer. That’s what’s called a landing page.

Homepages are designed for exploration with no particular focus or goal in mind. Filled with colourful pictures, tantalising headlines and a whole lot of links, it is easy for the standard visitor to get distracted and wander off. You know when you go into a room for something just to forget why you were there in the first place? While home pages might be a great way for a prospective customer to learn about and explore your business, they’re not so effective at turning them into a first-time buyer.

This is why you’ll need a landing page, so your efforts go to where it counts.

Recipe for a Successful Landing Page

Landing pages normally only have one CTA, and with fewer diversions, you can be sure customers are more likely to find their way to it. This CTA can be any conversion goal, as long as it matches the objective of your business and strategy.

One conversion goal can be lead generation. Also known as lead capture pages, landing pages can have a form for prospective clients to fill out. Such information can then be stored away as a way of understanding your consumer base, their behaviours, likes and dislikes etc. These will come in handy when you create your next ad campaign. They’ll be personalised and targeted to meet specific needs, interests and passions. This is almost a guarantee for more sales.

Obtaining someone’s details from these forms, such as their name, email, mobile etc can also help expand your subscription list. While someone might not need your products and services right away, by sending them regular newsletters, they’ll keep your product in mind when they do require your services.

The Genius Hack

With all the advantages of a landing page, you’re sure to want to make one yourself. Fortunately there’s no need to be an IT wiz to accomplish said task.

There’s where the ‘genius hack’ comes in. WordPress, Wix and Shopify enters the scene, they offer drag-and-drop landing page builder that doesn’t require any previous website-building or coding experience. With its ease of pick up and user-friendly interface, it is currently the world’s leading landing page platform for over fifteen thousand brands.

Time is of essence for most marketers and the biggest pain point when creating landing pages. These website builder platforms offers hundreds of free templates, and you’ll be dragging-and-dropping your way to a landing page within minutes!

How Soup can Help

Soup can help you build the right landing page to fit your needs and campaign goals. Our SEO service will ensure that it is SEO-optimised and user-friendly so that your customers get the best experience from start to end.

Thinking of driving your Google Ads to a landing page, contact us for a free digital strategy session today.


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