TikTok EOFY Playbook: Proven Strategies for Increased Sales

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Why advertise on TikTok?

TikTok is an excellent platform for creators to sell almost any product, offering fun and engaging ads at a low cost-per-acquisition. In Australia, TikTok has 8.5 million monthly users, about a third of the population, with an average daily usage of 100 minutes. Many users are unique to TikTok, not found on other major platforms like X, Facebook, or Snapchat. TikTok’s diverse user base allows targeting across various age groups, and the platform’s potential for viral content makes it ideal for creative advertising.

Why capitalise on the EOFY?

EOFY is the second-largest sales event in Australia, with $9.3 billion spent by shoppers, averaging $1600 per shopper. TikTok’s 83.6 million views on sale-related videos highlight its potential for driving sales. A significant 73% of TikTok users wait for sales before purchasing, and 50% prefer online shopping. Therefore, leveraging EOFY sales on TikTok can lead to substantial returns.

To choose the most successful advertising campaign, you must target several goals. Consider whether you are building off a previous goal, aiming for short-term sales, promoting a sustainable product, or building your audience before selling.

The diagram of audience journey in TikTok

This marketing funnel illustrates the customer journey from initial awareness to the purchasing stage. Brands that engage users at every stage of the funnel often achieve better sales and conversions. Keeping your audience interested throughout the process is crucial for driving purchases.

the marketing funnel - TikTok ads

Plan ahead for your EOFY sales to build your targeted audience. Engage them with sales announcements, teaser sales, and an EOFY countdown. Create anticipation to boost your actual sales and generate more conversions. Adopt a phased strategy to engage your audience at every stage, maintain their interest, and set clear goals to meet your objectives.

Audience Targeting

Community Interaction 

Engaging and nurturing your TikTok community is crucial. TikTok communities feel 70% more connected than on other platforms. Followers are 1.9% more likely to like, share, or comment on videos, 2.5 times more likely to engage in conversations, and watch livestreams 5.4% longer than non-followers.

Optimisation Methods

  1. Followers: Focus on followers if you’re new to TikTok, want to establish your presence, stand out from the competition, or strengthen future campaigns.
  2. Profile Visitors: Focus on profile visitors to increase community interaction and engagement, share news or new initiatives, or drive users down the marketing funnel.

Top Performing Audience Targeting Strategies

Regardless of whether you’re new to advertising on TikTok or have experience and have been advertising for a while, these strategies are a great way to make sure you’re targeting niche audiences. 

  1. Hashtag targeting : Engage with audiences using hashtags specific to your product within TikTok Ads Manager. This targets unique audiences, promotes relevant content, and taps into popular hashtags. 
  2. Smart Targeting : Use AI to evaluate users’ interests across their browsing or platform activities. This reduces CPA and audience ad fatigue. It includes:
    1. Smart Audience: Expands your targeted audience.
    2. Smart Interests and Behavior: Expands interests and behaviour within your audience.
  3. Custom Audiences : Engage audiences that have previously interacted with your ads or content. Ideal for high sales periods like EOFY, launching new products, and promoting existing ones. Build an audience based on engagement, upload targeted customer info, monitor sales and traffic, and track organic engagement. 
  4. Lookalike Audiences : Reach users with traits similar to your existing customers. This broadens your audience and finds unique users. TikTok’s algorithm studies your custom audience to find similar users who may convert. 

          Note: A custom audience is needed to create a lookalike audience

Creative Strategies and Techniques 

Creative Strategies

  1. Follow these best practices to create effective TikTok ads:
  2. Keep sound on and maintain a runtime of 15-20 seconds.
  3. Have a clear message and purpose that contribute to growing your brand.
  4. Use user-generated content instead of professionally created media.
  5. Utilise music from TikTok’s royalty-free library.
  6. Limit to 3-5 ads per ad group.

Creative Codes 

  1. Use these creative codes to drive engagement:
  2. Early Integration: Capture 50% of awareness and ad recall within the first 2.5 seconds. Introduce your brand, products, or key features quickly.
  3. Native Creative: Use content that reflects the native look and feel of TikTok rather than polished, professional media.
  4. Event Triggers: Maintain engagement with audio, text, emoji pop-ups, movement, and scene changes.
  5. Product Demonstrations: Show products in action to highlight benefits and validate claims.
  6. Call to Action: End with a clear action for viewers to take, using text, audio, and visuals creatively.

What Content Works Best on TikTok?

Entertainment content is the most engaging on TikTok. This includes storytelling, educational content, and authentic videos that align with current trends. Focus on organic reach, as it often correlates with overall campaign effectiveness, surpassing paid ad performance.
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