Rebecca Vallance’s Website Migration Success with SEO

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Rebecca Vallance website

The Challenge

Rebecca Vallance is one of the top designer clothing brands for women in Australia. The brand was looking to migrate their CMS from BigCommerce to Shopify in 2022. Key concerns included major changes in URL structures and a strategic reduction in the number of sub-categories. These changes posed risks of lost web pages and, consequently, a potential decrease in website traffic. The client also intended to reduce the number of sub-categories linked in the top navigation menu, leading to potential “orphan pages” (pages not internally linked from anywhere on the site) and difficulty for search engines to understand the site structure.

Our Strategy

To minimise traffic and ranking losses during this transition, SOUP developed a very detailed checklist tailored for each migration phase: pre-migration, during the migration day, and post migration. We carefully examined the new URL structure and set up pattern-based redirects to preserve as much site authority and ranking as possible. We also ensured all important SEO elements, including SEO text and internal links stayed the same and were correctly implemented in a timely manner.

Regarding the client’s intention on reducing subcategories, we conducted an in-depth analysis of their existing SEO performance, focusing on keyword rankings and SEO traffic. This allowed us to advise the client which categories could be removed and which should be retained to maintain traffic flow. With the subcategories removed and unlinked from the top navigation menu, we focused on linking to these pages from the on-page SEO text, ensuring they wouldn’t become orphan pages and the impact could be minimised.

The Result

Our thorough and strategically executed migration plan not only helped Rebecca Vallance maintain their online visibility but also led to notable improvements in their SEO performance.

The first month post migration saw an increase of +47% in Pageviews, +49% in Revenue, and +25% in Transactions MoM.

Two months into the migration, the brand saw a significant uplift in search visibility. The total ranking keywords increased by +977 keywords (6,553 vs 5,556), with an increase of +315 keywords sitting on page 1 (724 vs 409). This success story underscores our expertise in managing complex digital transitions with minimal disruptions and maximised gains.

Rebecca Vallance's Keywords on Page 1

Rebecca Vallance’s Keywords on Page 1

Search Visibility for 106 target keywords being tracked in SEMRush

Search Visibility for 106 target keywords being tracked in SEMRush


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