How to Make Instagram Grid Post in Canva: Step-by-Step Guide (with Screenshots)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Have you ever come across an Instagram profile where each image seamlessly blends into the next, forming a beautiful, puzzle-like arrangement? Great news: creating this effect is simpler than you might think! In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of crafting an Instagram puzzle grid using Canva, offering an easier alternative to Photoshop. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you achieve this visually stunning layout on your own Instagram feed.

Instagram grid post

Step 1: Creating the Main Design

Before slicing the image up into individual tiles, you first need your main design ready to go. Start by designing a single, large image in Canva. Opt for either a custom design or use a ready-made Canva template. For ease and accuracy, we highly suggest using Canva’s desktop version, as the mobile screen is too small. If you choose a pre-designed template, simply tailor it with your colours, fonts, images, and messages. If designing from scratch, remember to align your segments thoughtfully to avoid cutting off important text or visuals when your image is sliced later on.

For a well-proportioned grid, follow the size suggestions below:

  • For a 9-image grid (3 Instagram rows): Use a 3240 x 3240 pixels Canva template.
  • For a 12-image grid (4 Instagram rows): Use a 3240 x 4320 pixels Canva template.

By adhering to these specified dimensions, each segment of your image, once cropped to form the puzzle, will align with Instagram’s standard size of 1080×1080 pixels.

Please note that the resizing option is only available in a Canva Pro plan. To resize the design, go to “Magic Switch” at the top → Resize → Custom size.

Resize Canva template

Step 2: Download the Image & Transfer It to Your Phone

Once your main design is complete, download it to your computer. Then transfer the image to your phone via email. Or for Mac & iPhone users, AirDrop will be the quickest and easiest way.

Step 3: Install the Grid Post Pic Collage Maker App

The Grid Post Pic Collage Maker app comes with a free version. However, we highly recommend the free-ad version which costs only $8.49/year or $29.99 for permanent use to avoid the ads, remove the watermark and access all filters and templates.

Screenshot of Grid Post app in App Store

Step 4: Uploading and Editing Your Puzzle Image in the App

Open the Grid Post Pic Collage Maker app and select ‘Photo Grids’ to begin with.

Choose a grid size that matches your puzzle design – either a 3-row or 4-row grid.

Then follow the app’s prompts for editing. If you prefer to retain the original design and don’t want any edits, simply proceed through the steps by clicking Next/Done. Otherwise, for those who want to add some extra retouch, extra elements and filters are available.

Please note that for those using the free version, ads will appear throughout every single step, which is really annoying.

Upon completion, you’ll see a screen for finalising your image (see screenshot). To save the sliced images to your phone, tap the “Save to Album” button at the bottom. For direct Instagram posting, follow the on-screen instructions and upload them one by one in the suggested order. If you choose to download them all to your phone first, make sure you take a screenshot of or save the suggested posting order in the app, so that your images can connect correctly with each other once uploaded.

Grid Post app interface when image is ready to post

The app’s interface when your image is ready to download to phone or upload to Instagram

Option to upload images directly to Instagram via Grid Post app

You can touch the image to upload it directly to Instagram by allowing the app to connect with your Instagram account

As you embark on your journey to create an Instagram puzzle grid, remember that this is just the beginning of elevating your social media presence. For those looking to dive deeper and truly transform your brand’s online engagement, our social media marketing services are here to guide you. From crafting unique content strategies to optimising your digital outreach, our team offers personalised solutions to make your brand stand out. Interested in taking your social media to the next level? Discover more about our services and how we can amplify your digital impact.


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