Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Changes and What It Means For Advertisers on Facebook

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Apple is tightening its privacy for users further with new implementations for its IOS14 and IPADOS 14. The primary change will require applications to ask permission to collect and share data from its users. This change has started to cause a lot of problems for applications that rely on mass data collection such as Facebook, however, the change has not quite yet been implemented as it is expected to roll out early 2021.

Apple has always been a profound advocate for protecting the privacy of their users, it’s even becoming one of their unique selling points. To imprint this within the new changes, they are giving users the ability to see which apps are tracking and collecting data. Furthermore, they have added the ability to limit or completely deny applications from tracking this data depending on the users preferences.

To further enhance their privacy policy, Apple will be inserting pop-up notifications as soon as this change has been implemented in addition to first time usage of the app. This pop up will display the permission request from the application to the user, making sure they understand what and how their data is being used.

With the initial launch of the feature being planned for September, Apple has decided to give more time for developers to adjust their applications to be streamlined with the change. Since then, they have implemented more hours towards the feature and are confident implementing it in early 2021.

How can it impact certain businesses?

Facebook has not been shy when it comes to critising the new changes from Apple, declaring the negative impacts that this will have on small businesses and their potential to reach new customers. Despite these claims, Apple has reassured Facebook that their methods and procedures of collecting data will not need to change, rather they’ll just be required to ask permission before doing so.

These changes can expect businesses that advertise on Facebook to experience a decrease in their ability to effectively monetise on Audience Network as it is extremely dependent on app advertising. It may even go as far as not offering Audience Network for users on IOS14 due to how ineffective it will become.

What certain businesses need to do?

Facebook has provided a roadmap to assist businesses to adapt with the change in preparation for IOS14. The first step involves releasing an updated version of the Facebook SDK to ensure compatibility with the new changes, this will work in conjunction with Apple’s to limit the data available that businesses can use to monitor and evaluate their campaigns.

To reduce the limitations and impact of app install campaign management, businesses will be asked to open a new ad account catered primarily to users with IOS14 devices. As a paid social agency, we are equipped to guide you seamlessly through this transition, ensuring your app install campaigns remain optimized and successful within the context of iOS 14 device users.


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