5 Quick Tips For Optimising Your First Linkedin Campaign

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

LinkedIn: we use it for networking, job hunting, and staying up to date with

news in our field. And, if you run a B2B business, then you know that LinkedIn is the best platform for connecting with other companies and professionals.

But how can you improve your reach and design LinkedIn Ad campaigns that really speak to your target audiences? Read on for our quick tips on how to optimise your next Linkedin Ad campaigns.

1. Optimise Your Budget and Schedule

When you’re running your campaign, the most important thing to keep in mind

is your budget. Your budget is the amount of money that you decide to spend on your campaign and, essentially, your budget decides how far your campaign can reach.

Your ideal campaign budget will depend on your individual circumstances including your aims for the campaign, the amount of money you have to work with, and your marketing strategy across different platforms. Once you decide how much to spend, you then have some options for the pace at which you do:

The speed and consistency with which you spend can impact the success of your campaign, as well as the amount of continual effort and monitoring it will need. For fixed term campaigns, daily and lifetime budgets are usually your safest bet. Once you’ve decided on your schedule, you can set your minimum daily spend before moving on to the next step!

2. Select the Right Bidding Strategy

If you’re new to running campaigns, then it’s likely that you won’t have heard

of a bid strategy before. Bid strategies are tailored campaigns designed to help you reach a variety of different marketing objectives. Each platform has a number of different strategies to choose from. Linkedin has three main bid types:

Maximum Delivery

This is a fully automated bid option where Linkedin automatically sets your bid. This is usually used when you want to deliver your full budget and have less hassle throughout your campaign.

Cost Cap

This is another automated option where Linkedin sets your bid. But the difference is that this allows the advertiser to set their preferred cost per key result, and Linkedin will follow this closely. That means this is a great option for businesses looking to control campaign costs.

Manual Bidding

As you can probably guess, manual bidding strategies mean you get to manually determine each bid you make. This is great because it gives you a lot of control over your campaign, but also requires you to have a lot of knowledge about how bidding works (and a lot of time to execute your strategy).

The most successful LinkedIn campaigns are usually supported by a bidding strategy that makes sense for their individual business goals, and the means that they have to deliver their results.

3. Refine Targeting

If your ads aren’t getting put in front of the right audience, then even the best

campaign is going to fall flat. And, even for experienced digital marketers, ad targeting on Linkedin differs from other platforms. This is because, whilst most other social platforms are used recreationally, Linkedin offers many more targeting options based on people’s professional roles and experiences.

In Linkedin Ads, location is the only mandatory field to fill in – so it’s important to think about where the people you want to target live. Next up, you’ll be faced with a range of options to narrow down your targeting. You can sort by:

  • Company: do your ideal customers work for specific companies or in specific roles?
  • Demographics: what age and / or gender is your ideal customer?
  • Education: sort by degree, school, and field of study.
  • Job Experience: what job titles do your customers have, how senior or experienced are they?
  • Interests: what personal and professional interests do your ideal customers have?

The more specific you can be, the better the chances are of having your campaign connect with just the right people. What’s more, if you don’t know the answer to these questions, then it’s worth going back to the planning stage of your campaign to better refine your ideas and narrow down who your campaign is aimed at.

To avoid your hard work falling on deaf ears, prioritise accurate targeting when putting together your campaign.

4. Push For Information

If the mantra for real estate is ‘location, location, location’ then the mantra for

marketing is ‘Information, information, information’.

In any marketing campaign, it takes time and data to understand your performance and identify areas for improvement. As your campaign unfolds, always remember to closely look at and track the insights that you’re getting from the platform.

Linkedin should provide you with a range of data, including

  • Clicks: the number of times people clicked on your ad
  • Impressions: the total number of times that someone saw your ad
  • Click-through-rate: the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions

These simple numbers can tell you a lot about the success of your campaign. For example, if your post is getting a lot of impressions but very few clicks (which is what we don’t want to happen) then you probably need to either refine your targeting a little further (to limit the ad being shown to people who are not interested) or re-evaluate your campaign content to be more appealing to users.

Analytics can also tell you which of your ads are performing better than others, giving you the option to divert your ad spend towards your higher-performing ads.

Speak to an Expert

Strategising, planning, and executing your first LinkedIn campaign is hard. We

know because we’ve done it! As a social media marketing agency, our team can provide some expert advice on your first campaign can help you get set up easily and minimise administrative headaches on your end.

If you’re looking for advice on how you can run your first campaign successfully, we can help show you the ropes. Visit Soup Agency today for a FREE digital audit, and start getting ready to launch your next campaign.


SOUP is a leading independent digital marketing agency in Australia, with expertise in SEO, Google Ads, Social and Email Marketing.

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